Sales and Post-Sales

Sales and Post-Sales

We sell machinery, products and accessories for the production of leather goods, footwear, shoe lasts, insoles and sole units, heels and welting components.
Production Management

Production Management

We are able to assist businesses in optimising production processes for greater efficiency and productivity.
Training and Support

Training and Support

We provide specialist training to assist companies in the use of industrial machinery and new technologies for large-scale production.

Taiga International Trading

At TAIGA, our mission is to supply our clients with industry-leading products and a faultless level of service: from an initial feasibility assessment to post-sales support, our team of specialist advisers is waiting to assist our clients in optimising their workflows while keeping control of operational costs and maximising return on investments.

We have over 25 years' experience in the supply and distribution of machinery, materials, products and accessories to manufactorers of:


What can we do for your company?

Strategic supply-chain management for a guaranteed competitive edge.
In an increasingly interconnected market, the “product-quality-service” triumvirate is, in practical terms, more essential than ever. Supply-chain strategies can make all the difference.
Production support 85%
Business consultancy services 88%
On-site 86%
Pickup and Return and Carry-in service options 85%
Logistics 85%
Materials supply 78%
Online support 98%
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