The advantages of automatic warehouse thanks to Industry 4.0

We are pleased to inform you that we can supply new generation machinery with forefront technologies and automation: the so-called 4.0 machinery.

In this article we will talk in particular about automatic warehouses for the handling of packages, cartons, packs and for the management of orders in the footwear sector, leather goods and other types of production.



Integration of company equipment with this new technology can lead to numerous advantages:

1) Optimization of storage spaces

The automatic warehouse makes particular use of the height of the factory to store materials.

In addition, each container drawer can be tailor-made to accommodate the items to be stored without wasting space.

2) Speed in article search and picking/unloading

The articles are archived and coded in order to reduce search times in case of need.

When the item must be picked up, the desired item is called via the connected computer and after a few seconds it is available in the appropriate housing.

3) Facility in handling loads

It avoids the overloading of weights by the operator.

4) Work planning

The management of the mold series is simplified thanks to the automatic programming.

5) Location of the system

Another advantage to pay attention to is certainly the location of the system, which can be:

inside the company, using the full height of the building.

external, in the latter case the warehouse can also be located outside with only the pick-up and deposit opening located inside.

Having availability of heated and insulated warehouses these external automatic warehouses are certainly suitable for locations where low/high temperatures occur.

6) Individual solutions

Each equipment can be studied on the customer’s needs, based on the spaces to be occupied, the weights and dimensions of the items to be stored and any other required features.


Our collaboration in the sector of production of soles and plastics has been expanded with the supply of automatic warehouses for the storage of molds.

These warehouses manage the molds for the soles of footwear and are particularly suitable within the sole factories where it is essential to correctly place and store all the molds.

Speed and practicality in moving the molds of considerable weight are the second main prerogative.

Particular characteristics:

– PC workstation with touch screen

– series item management

– detailed list of all mold movements (with date, time and position)

– overview of the positions occupied by molds and the empty ones to be used.

-optimization of spaces: thanks to the automatic recognition of the mold thickness, the device independently calculates the most suitable free space to occupy.

Also thanks to this system, for example, in an automatic warehouse with measures 4.00 x 1.5 x 7.20 m, about 1,000 molds measuring 30 x 40 x 21 cm can be stored.

– photographic recognition: when the mold is placed in the pick-up bay, the system recognizes the article code engraved in the visible part and assigns the coding already loaded in the archive.

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