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Materials for Footwear Manufacturers

Wide range of materials for the production of any type of footwear: for men, women, children and other types.

Flexan Eco
Materiale per solette antinfortunistiche

• 0015 / Flexan eco in sizes / thickness:
– 2mm;
– 1.75mm;
– 1.50mm;
– 1.25mm.
We usually have whole pallets available, ranging from 700 to 1000 square meters depending on the thickness, as well as cellulosic material for insoles, sheet size 150 x 100 cm.

• Thermo-plastic adhesive for toe laster machine and heel laster machines:
we have about 500 kg per item:
– 0575 / RT / F32B yellow wire, 4.2 mm diameter for toe laster machine;
– 0575 / RT-F33B yellow thread, 4.2 mm diameter for heel laster machines;

• Taiga brand zero perforation safety insole material.
3.7 mm thick.
Availability about 400/500 square meters.
EN12568: 2010 certified
Art. 0403 / WBFlexiso-Taiga

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