Check here for the answers to your questions and queries about Taiga International Trading.
Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more or request further information. We will be happy to help. 

Do the products you supply come with technical data and certificates?

Every product we supply comes complete with a technical data sheet and a certificate of origin. We also provide special import certificates for chemical products and potentially hazardous goods, or any other documentation required by the client.

Is there a sewing machine that will allow me to produce triple-stitched footwear, like a Timberland boot, without having to go over the same stitching three times?

A number of years ago an American company developed a sewing machine like this. Today, Taiga is pleased to be able to supply machinery made by a specialist firm in Italy that offers just this sort of capability, and at a very reasonable price.

Is it possible to have samples of different finishes on the specific leather varieties I use?

To help our clients make the right production decisions, we invite them to send us samples of the leathers they use, together with an indication of the finish they are looking for. Our specialist technician will test a range of finishes, at which point we return the leather pieces along with a guide to the processes used and phases of treatment. We will also send samples of the products used, complete with pricing and technical data.  

Do you offer certification for final products that can be presented to the end client?

Yes, we can provide proof of temperature, tear and water resistance, abrasion testing results, and various types of certification for all product types including sale-ready footwear.

How can I industrialise production at my small footwear company?

The shift from manual to automated production involves, in the first place, a psychological adjustment. It is important to identify the processes where there is potential for making a genuine difference to the company’s operations. This helps the client to focus on the production line, and the use of machinery, which can be supplied either new or used.

The first step is to arrange a meeting and we are happy to come to your own premises for this. Only after this can we draw up a complete proposal for organising your production layout and associated costings and payment plans.

What logistics and transport channels do you use?

With thirty or so years’ experience in supplying products and equipment in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, we can guarantee comprehensive services to our clients in these regions. Our logistics partner in St Petersburg, TITRUS, deals with all operations including customs clearing and, if required, can provide warehouse storage.

TAIGA has access to technical and logistics operatives in all destination countries.  

When producing a shoe with a high heel, how can I ensure the heel is properly attached?

The exact process will depend on the type and shape of the heel. The heel unit will certainly need to be fixed with nails, and the insole should be of a type that can maintain the integrity of the shoe.

The insole can even be made with a metal disc in the rear section to improve the hold of the nails.

How can we contact you or request a meeting?

At Taiga, expert staff are always waiting and ready to receive visitors from all over the world, and respond to our clients’ requests and queries.

You can chat with us via Skype, contact us by email, or even come and meet us at our exhibition stand.

How can I confirm exactly what material I am dealing with, to ensure I use the most suitable adhesive?

It takes experience and specialist knowledge to identify the best way to glue two materials, experience and knowledge that we, at Taiga, have acquired over many years in the sector.

When purchasing a material, it is vital that you request technical data that you can refer to when ordering the right adhesive. We are able to carry out adhesive testing on your materials.

What sorts of guarantees and post-sales services do you offer?

For the machinery we supply, depending on the conditions agreed at the point of purchase, we offer comprehensive post-sales support for the duration of the warranty period, including replacement parts and technical assistance. When it comes to materials, we carry out our own quality controls on a sample of the goods prior to shipping. This way, we are able to avoid quality-related problems for the client, although we will always do what is necessary to support the client if issues do arise.

We also offer assistance with machinery that has not been purchased from us, provided it is not excessively old or obsolete. If you do have problems with older equipment, we will be happy to source a more up-to-date replacement.

I have difficulty sourcing insoles for my footwear company. Can you help?

Taiga can design an insole production line for your own factory, whether it is a small operation or industrial-scale facility. We can also develop and supply insoles that are suitable for your specific products and production methods.

Just send us a sample last.

I see on your site that you can supply moulds for sole units. What types are available?

We can supply all types of mould for the footwear sector for use with TR, TPU, PU, EVA, rubber etc. We also produce moulds for contouring insoles and moulds for heels – in POLYSTYRENE and ABS – and heel tips.

We can also provide assistance and source machinery and moulds for large and small plastic products not related to shoe production.


Do you manufacture your own products or are you simply distributors?

We are not manufacturers as such, but we work in close partnership with the sector’s leading producers and represent a number of specialist companies in various sectors. In any case, our team is always able to provide comprehensive support.

Do you sell leather materials?

Yes, but only certain types. For other requirements, we are able to offer appropriate assistance.

Are you able to assist with patterns?

If by patterns, you mean product design, we have a team of designers who can develop patterns and map out the full production process in detail, including: technical drawings, production costings, lasts, sole units, assembly, etc.

Do you supply replacement parts for machinery?

Yes, for all types of footwear production machinery. We can also supply custom-made spares for discontinued models, and a full range of consultancy and technical support services.