LINEAPELLE 2021: A new point of view

Rediscovered enthusiasm and sustainability through the help of biotechnology were the key elements of LINEAPELLE – International Leather Fair and SIMAC Tanning Tech of this 2021.

Taiga International Trading attended, even if this year only as a visitor, to these two events held in Rho, Milano Fair, from September 22th to 24th, 2021.

This year’s numbers have been incredibly positive, especially despite the difficult phase we have all witnessed globally and a new found enthusiasm that has accompanied the high number of guests acted as a bystander to the desire of a rebound.

We at Taiga, strongly believe that LINEAPELLE’s slogan:  Imagination & Re- Wonder, really hit the mark with this.  
Directing us towards this desire to imagine, discover, or rather re-discover, in order to amaze us again and orient ourselves more and more towards a green and sustainable universe both on an industrial and corporate level.


The A New Points of Materials space, in conjunction with the interventions and  the talks that took places in the Fashion Center of the Milan fair, have in fact addressed  a large amount of issues related to the different types of materials, as well as the new generation technologies that could accompany us towards this new path.

As well as LINEAPELLE, at SIMAC Tanning Tech too, the international exhibition  of machines and technologies for the footwear, tanning and leather good manufacturers, has been faced the topic of constant work of research geared to innovative techniques, sustainability and digitalization as key elements upon which to base a new growth within the market.
From materials’ testing, transport systems, accessories, components and equipments, the common goal remains the identification and the improvement of sustainability practices within the sector, to provide a fundamental contribution to the benefit of the planet.

SIMAC Tanning Tech

Taiga International Trading’s presence to these renowned events finds its motive exactly in this: we are constantly committed in trying to offer you innovatives and greens solution day by day, and we won’t stop working to be able to do that.

And on that note, visit our website, consult our online catalog of products, materials and machinery and do not hesitate to contact us for a customized assistance at

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