How to create or expand a company in the footwear sector in 9 STEPS

Taiga International Trading

Would you like to improve and increase the production of your enterprise but you don’t know what you need?

If the answer to this enquiry is yes, or if you simply want to receive more insights regarding this subject, the team of experts of Taiga International Trading has all the skills to provide you with the necessary information.

Taiga International Trading  srl is aimed precisely to all those companies in the shoe industry such as footwear manufacturers, leather goods manufacturers, soles and heels manufacturers, insoles, welt and shoe-lasts manufacturers, that desire to expand their production departments or create a new industrial structure from the ground.

Whether might be the planning of complete facilities or individual stages of production, Taiga puts its experts at your service.

We are not referring exclusively to the supply of machinery and all the necessary equipment, but rather to all the services that arises in the first place from the preliminary study of the company layout, the organization of transport and logistics, up to the installation and training of staff, all obviously accompanied by pre and post-sales assistance to help you in this transition.

Let’s see together the 9 ideal steps of the process that Taiga International Trading puts into practice in order to support your company:


For any questions or for more information on each individual step, do not hesitate to contact us at Every procedure will be explained in detail!


What is put into practice by the experts of our company is first of all an in-depth analysis of what are the customer’s needs and to do so, some elements become subject of evaluation.
But let’s see go into specifics:

  • personnel to be employed in the different types of tasks;
  • building, spaces and areas available and usable;
  • type of footwear or components to be produced;
  • desired daily production;
  • available budget.

For businesses who wish to be geared towards a remodeling or an enlargement, the following are also going to be analysed: 

  • machinery and equipment currently in use;
  • already existing building’s plan;
  • number of personnel currently engaged in production;
  • type of products made and elaboration of the ongoing daily production. 

In order to achieve the objectives set by the customer, the analysis service becomes the fundamental step to assess the state of the current situation.

To understand how this is true, we bring you a more specific example.
A few weeks ago we completed the assistance for a project that had as its ultimate goal the redevelopment of a shoe factory in a technologically developing country, located outside the European Union.
The goal was to increase production and after carrying out a careful analysis, it was decided to opt for the purchase of a new building.
To achieve the desired daily production, it was necessary in the aftermath of the purchase, to install a complete production department, and so from a step-by-step project, the creation of well-defined and specific sectors, became possible. Of the kind mentioned:
1. Seam;
2. Assembly;
3. Footwear’s boxing and packaging.


Following the analysis process and in view of all the information collected, we move on to the next step, or the so-called Brainstorming.

Taiga International Trading’s team of experts therefore proceeds to formulate individual and specific projects intervention as much adequate as possible to the client’s needs.
Thanks to its thirty-year experience, Taiga treasures the knowledges and skills that have been gained over time, especially related to the interface with different realities with which it has come into contact.  
Just think about the emerging of new markets, modern equipments’s development and evolution, machinery and tools of the trade, up until the interaction with different countries and footwear districts among the most diversified, such as those in development.

Then we move on to an evaluation, as well as a comparison of the various projects with the customer, precisely in order to identify the most suitable and satisfactory option for the same. 

The final step, as well as the main objective of this phase is therefore the identification and the approval of the final program.

Brainstorming and project presentation
Brainstorming and project presentation


When the final program has been perfected and selected, we proceed with the third step, which is the project’s presentation to the customer itself. But let’s go into detail:

  1. The first element that will be exposed is the so-called layout of the chain’s production.
    Basically this is identified with the plan of the company’s spaces, with the indication, the ideal and the most suitable arrangement of machinery and instruments.
    A desirable result by many is the increase in the daily production of their goods, and, to achieve all this, it is necessary that the positioning of the company’s production departments takes place in a consecutive and consequential way. This will allow a movements’s limitation within the structure, and of course time saving.
  2. We will then move on to the presentation of the estimate relating to the equipment to be purchased.
    Instruments and machines that will be the subject of the proposal are carefully selected on the basis of the best suggestions of the partners of Taiga International Trading.
    All the technical and specific characteristics of the aforementioned products will be illustrated, also throughout the help of videos and photos, we will discuss the supply times and of course prices.
    On the basis of individual customer requests, will be proposed:
    – new machinery;
    – used machinery;
    – reconditioned machinery
  3. At last, the appropriate number of employees to be employed will be discussed and suggested, obviously on the basis of the selected machinery and the daily quantity produced by the individual departments.

In the next part we will talk about the other steps, which concern supplying, shipping and installation of the selected machinery. 

In the meantime do not hesitate to contact us at for more information or any questions.

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