Used Machinery for Prompt Delivery – Russian Warehouse

Machinery, spare parts and accessories for Footwear Manufacturers.

Check out the immediately available used machinery for your company’s footwear production.

Art. 0502 RTE31+2FS31 Ironing module.
Condition: new.
Ironing module for ironing the shoe during the finishing phase.

Art. 0648SM 4466 Dyeing machine for edges and holes of belts, shoulder straps for bags etc.
Condition: new

Art. 0682 IO88S Spray gun for water-based adheseve.
Condition: new.
Spray system for water-based adhesives.

Art. 0690 СAM70 Shoe widening machine.
Condition: new.
Machine for widening bootlegs.

Art. 0612 TW-20C MILLING PRESS ATOM 20 ton, cutting surface 900х430 mm.
Condition: used and reconditioned
For cutting leather, flexible or semi-rigid materials using dies cutting.

Art. MG3 CUT-FF Seam pressing and taping machine.
Condition: new.
Seam pressing and tape applying machine. Suitable for any type of upper for shoes and boots.

Scanner for copying lasts Donzelli.
Condition: almost new

Art. 1000 RC09OP Activator STEMA.
Condition: used and reconditioned.
Machine to reactivate the adhesive on the soles using the infrared lamps. Model Opanka.

Condition: used and reconditioned.
It performs the beveling of leathers and synthetics.

Art. 0513 BC20 Edge sewing machine.
Condition: new.
Machine for sewing uppers on soles with a high side.

Art. 0518 GP4 Trimmimg machine.
Condition: new.
For trimmimg outside and inside uppers of shoe lining. Is supplied with a suitable device for sharpening the blade.

Art. 0520 SS20 Skiving machine.
Condition: new.
Fully programmable computerized skiving machine using the command console, with storage of up to 800 different types of scarf.
The machine is equipped with a continuous or variable speed transport roller and electronic self-monitoring sensors.

Art. 0538 163/2 Brushing machine.
Condition: almost new.
Single-seat brushing machine with electronic speed variator, self-braking motor and light in the workplace.

Art. 0648 SM Cutting machine for watch belts.
Condition: new.

Art. 0661 N21N-ALL-IN-ONE 1-needle sewing machine with integrated POWERMAX servo motor.
Condition: new.
For sewing shoes and leather goods.
The continuous transport of the rotating clamp and the synchronized roller foot makes material handling easier.

Art. 4350 Machine for applying ECOL adhesive.
Condition: almost new.
Gluing machine for water based-adhesives.

Condition: used and reconditioned.

Art. 0612 AV2 SKIVING MACHINE. Thermal board.
Condition: used and reconditioned.

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