Accessories and Platings

Description of equipment necessary for the shoe-last manufacturers that produce plastic shoe-lasts for men, women and children footwear.

1) LAST THIMBLE. Metal inserts for shoe-lasts. Of various sizes. Perforated and with rolled edge.

2) JOINT. Metal joints used to open the shoe-last.
Types of joints:
– for the last without joint;
– V-shaped joint: with a C-shaped spring;
– wedge joint with pins, clips, lace hooks and screws;
– tendo-joint with spring California and pins;
– possibility of metal attachment for direct injection on the upper for any type of shoe-last with or without joint.

3) PLATINGS. Metal plates to be applied to the plastic shoe-last to get easier assembling some types of heels and shoes.

Types of plantings:
– metal plate for the heel part;
– metal plate on a half of shoe-last;
– metal plate for the toe part;
– metal plates for the entire block shoe-last.