Why choose Jersey reinforcement in the production of your footwear?

ersey reinforcement

In this article we talk about the importance of using cotton Jersey reinforcement and why it is the ideal solution for the production of your footwear.

This reinforcement got its name by place of birth – the island of Jersey, which is located in Channel Islands. It is a 100% cotton orthogonal fabric, available in various weights, spreads and colors.
Used as a reinforcement and for forming the uppers, it is suitable for any type of leather and synthetic material and can be used on any type of footwear.

Jersey, during the assembly phase, protects the upper from brokes and gives the desired shape.
Moreover, when the footwear is worn it guarantees perfect reinforcement and avoids folds.

Jersey is a reinforcement that is easily applied using thermo coupling machines.
The application temperature varies from 60° to 120° C for 6/8 seconds depending on the type of Jersey.

– Composition: 100% cotton
– Most used weights: 120/170/300 gr/mt
– Other weights are also available like 225, 250 gr/mt etc.
– Colors: ecrù / black / white
– Packages: rolls of 75 sq.m., height 150 cm

Jersey, according to various types of different spreads, can be:
– Thermoadhesive
– Thermoadhesive with paper
– Thermoadhesive points for oily skin
– Self-adhesive (no heat sources are required for the application).

Is it your company satisfied with the reinforcement that has been used in your produciton?


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