How to create or expand a company in the footwear sector in 9 STEPS – Part 3

Spedizione e imballaggio macchinari

In the two previous articles we discussed the first six steps for the support of your company and in order to improve and implement the production of your enterprise, starting from the analysis and arriving to the installation of the machinery.
Today, we will proceed with the three final steps.


An additional element offered by Taiga International Trading, obviously accompanied by the technical experience of the machinery manufacturers – is the training of personnel employed in production.
Following the installation of the machinery, in fact, we will proceed with the specific and detailed illustration of the functioning of all the instruments, directed to the staff who will use them.

In particular, the following will be examined:
machinery’s functions;
– start-up and routine maintenance procedures;
– practical and concrete examples of executable processes;
– advice related to the optimization of production times and quality of the finished product.

As for the installation of the machinery in this case too, the staff training service can be performed on site, at the customer’s premises or through the help of remote assistance with the support of qualified interpreters.


A further service provided by Taiga International Trading is the supply of all the raw materials that may be necessary for production, within a company.

This is why we propose ourself not only as a partner for the supplying of machinery but also of:
– spare parts for machinery;
– soles and heels;
– dyes and colourants;
– release agents;
– adhesives;
– finishing;
– forms;
– moulds for soles and heels;
– toe puffs and heel counters;
– accessories, such as buckles, studs, eyelets, zippers  etc;
– reinforcements;
– threads, yarn and laces;
– elastics;
– tools;
– synthetic materials, such a  linings, satin, fabrics, laminates etc;
– consumables, such as brushes, nails, brushes for finishing etc;
– technical materials,  PU coated leather, anti-perforation for insoles, non-woven fabric in synthetic fibers etc.;
– semi-finished units and blanks;
– accessories and metal plates.

As said before, in this case too the customer has the advantage of being able to receive in a single shipment his own supply for production, without having to turn to different providers, not only simplifying the work of his purchasing department, but also saving on shipping costs and timing. 

Materials Supply and Container
Materials Supply and Container


The final step that is offered by the package of Taiga International Trading’s team, concerns repairs, scheduled maintenance, corrective interventions and after-sales assistant in its widest spectrum.
As a matter of fact, our contribution does not end with the delivery of machinery and instruments, but continues in all the situations where there may be a need. 

We guarantee assistance:
1. with on-site interventions, a specialized technician goes directly to the place where the machinery has been installed to carry out any type of maintenance and intervention. The main guarantee is to be followed by a highly specialized and qualified personnel;
2. with remote interventions, an expert connects remotely directly into the machine system thanks to an encrypted and protected connection, he then intervenes with the configuration of the settings as if he was on site, in order to solve the problem that has occurred;
3. with on-line interventions through a dedicated program to manage remote assistance, Taiga’s team and the machine manufacturer’s technician, will be able to follow the customer for any after-sales exigency;
4. with pickup and return or Carry In interventions,  these are services dedicated to cases in which it is not possible to carry out repairs in loco, as machinery and equipment are in need of special interventions that can only be carried out at the manufacturer’s technical department.

Taiga's team during an after-sale assistance
Taiga’s team during an after-sale assistance

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