How to create or expand a company in the footwear sector in 9 STEPS – Part 2

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Last time we talked about the three initial steps that concern analysis, brainstorming and project’s presentation to the final client for the support of the company and in order to improve and implement the production of your enterprise.
Today we will proceed with the next three steps.


Following the acceptance of the project by the customer, Taiga International Trading will proceed with the fourth step, or the supplying of requested machinery, which will take place directly from the manufacturers of the equipment.
Being some of the most renowned companies of Made  in Italy, an element of considerable importance is the guarantee of extreme reliability in terms of quality, service and not least pre- and post-sales assistance.

Among the main reasons why companies turn to Taiga International Trading for supplying and for advisory services, there is undoubtedly the possibility of being able to proceed with the purchase of all the equipment that are needed in (obviously being able to choose beetween different brands) throughout a single partner.


Once the supplying process has been completed, the logistics department of Taiga International Trading is responsible for both the planning and the shipping of all the equipment that has been purchased, (whether it is the sale of several machines or purchases by different suppliers) through the aid of trucks or containers that arrive at their destination directly at the client’s premises.

The main advantage is therefore a considerable saving in terms of transport costs, as instead of proceeding with the organization of individual shipments for each product purchased, we will pursue with a single transport trip.
Taiga International Trading also provides all the necessary paperwork and information in order to proceed with customs clearances as quickly as possible, especially for destinations outside the European Union.

Practical examples are:
certificate of conformity,
manual instruction in English (and/or other language if required);
  (number of) Union Code reference;
– weights, dimensions and size of the goods shipped. 

In addition, Taiga’s internal warehouse will also design the loading plan with an indication of  how the machinery will have to be positioned and loaded inside the truck /container, all through the help of a weight’s evaluation of the goods in order to optimize the spaces.

Of course, adequacy and conformity  of the packaging will be verified. Lastly our team will load the machinery on the selected means of transport, ensuring its stability in order to guarantee the safest ground transport.

Materials Supply and Container
Materials Supply and Container


After the shipment, the machinery will arrive at its destination directly at the customer’s premises and the recipient company will proceed to unload and position within the various departments.
The installation and the start-up of the machinery, can be carried out in different ways, such as:

  • at the customer’s premises,  in this case a specialized technician of the company that produces the machinery, will proceed to its installation directly on site. He will put the machine into operation and he will take care of the explanation for a correct use;
  • through remote connection with online assistance,  in cases where it is not possible (see restrictions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic) to proceed with an on site installation, you can decide to go ahead with the remote guided installation,  through the online assistance service dedicated by Taiga International Trading.

Taiga International Trading’s task is to coordinate the project, in fact, after having put in contact the staff of the company that must install the machinery with the specialized technician of the manufacturer of the machinery itself, we will offer the service of an interpreter (expert with technical terms of the specific field), able to provide an adequate translation.

There are countless advantages related to the remote installation of a machine for the footwear sector, just think of:

  • Faster times, real-time connection speed thanks to a dedicated program;
  • Cost-saving, you will not have to face the costs of intercontinental travels, boards and accomodation for a specialised technician; 
  • 100% Assistance, customer’s care is in no way affected by geographical distances. Even being miles away, the technicians are able to easily communicate with each other in real time;
  • Ease of communication,  communications are easy and fast, the interpreters of Taiga International Trading are able to translate conversations into languages between the customer and the technician of the company producing the machinery;
  • Speed in assistance,  with this type of intervention you are ready to make requests for assistance whenever there is a need.

In the next part we will discuss the final steps, which concern personnel’s training, material’s supplying and after-sales assistance.

In the meantime do not hesitate to contact us at the email address: for more information or any questions.

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