How we made the remote installation of two automatic conveyor at a shoe factory with staff training.

installazione manovia Taiga international trading

Taiga International Trading has just successfully completed remote assistance for the installation of two automatic conveyors placed in a shoe factory 6.000 km away.


We know well how the COVID-19 pandemic has made any type of intercontinental travel difficult.

This is why, after having concluded the machinery supply contract with the customer, organized the shipment and made the goods arrive at their destination, the problem arose of having to proceed with the installation by the specialized technicians of the manufacturer.

The installation, which was usually carried out in loco directly by our technical collaborators, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic could not be carried out.

This is why Taiga has developed and implemented its online assistance service.

Thanks to an online connection with an appropriate program, Taiga International Trading connected shoe factory personnel with the specialized team of the machinery manufacturer.

The task of Taiga International Trading was to coordinate the entire project, provide the necessary means for the connection and offer the service of an interpreter able to translate technical terms of the footwear sector.

This way, in a very short time, the client company was able to start using the new machinery, trained its staff and started production. The work of the highly specialized team made it possible to have great success.

The on-line assistance was used by Taiga, not only to install automatic conveyors, but also to start up machinery for the assembly of footwear and about 100 sewing machines.

Now let’s see what are all the advantages of remotely installing a machinery for the footwear sector thanks to on-line assistance:

1) Time savings

Real-time connection speed thanks to an appropriate program.

2) Cost savings

The customer and the supplier of the machinery can “save” the expenses for the international travels, room and board that otherwise would have to be faced by technicians and staff.

3) 100% assistance

The quality of assistance is not affected by geographical distance.

3) Simplicity of communication

Communications are fast and easy.

An interpreter and two technicians can easily communicate with each other in Italian and foreign languages even if they are in three different places!

4) Speed in providing assistance

With this type of intervention you are ready to execute requests for assistance whenever there is a request. Easy and fast. Even after starting the machine.

On-line assistance is provided, in addition to remotely installing a new machine, also to provide after-sales technical assistance and staff training.

The service is usable by all and can be extended to all interested parties by contract.

Are you planing to buy in the future a machine and want to install it remotely? Do you need to train your company’s staff or do you need help with repairs on a machine?

Write in the comments and stay updated by visiting our website and social channels!

Taiga International Trading is specializing in developing the most suitable tools to provide maximum assistance to companies.

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