How to make spare parts of the machines being out of production

(The photo shows one of the last reconstructions of spare parts made for a sole factory, which needed to replace a screw on an injection molding machine. In this case, the remaking was carried out according to a manual drawing.)

Do you have any machinery for footwear and leather goods production, but it is out of production and you cannot find spare parts to replace?

In this article we explain to you how to solve this problem by reproducing spare parts.

Very often, in fact, in factories of footwear sector (such as shoe factories, leather goods factories, sole factories, heel factories, insole factories, shoe-last factories, welt factories) are used old but still functioning machineries which require maintenance and periodic replacement of some components of difficult to find.

When gaskets, spare parts and electrical parts are no longer supplied by the production company, they can be remade in order to replace the original parts that are no longer available, in this way the machinery continues to be used. 

Ed ora rispondiamo a 3 domande per chiarire la procedura di realizzazione, i vantaggi e le disponibilità.  

And now we answer 3 questions clarify the procedure of realization, advantages and availability.

1) How the spare part of the machinery out of production is reproduced?

-The Taiga International Trading s.r.l. in collaboration with specialized mechanical workshops, evaluates the possibility of rebuilding by looking at the old damaged article or the original technical drawing in which all the characteristics and dimensions of the part are indicated.

– Finally, the part is reproduced on a copy of the original in order to replace its functions in all respects.

2) What are the benefits of buying a reproduced spare part or gasket?

– Avoid having to stop the machinery for an indefinite time or having to consider purchasing a new machinery.

If you have a machinery that is out of production you can continue to use it without having to buy a new one. Just replace the parts that need maintenance.


To compensate for the difficulty in purchasing the original part or their absence in production.


The rebuilded part in some cases can even be improved to have greater efficiency and resistance

3) Can any spare part be reproduced?

Most components can be rebuilt once they have been evaluated. But you can contact us for any questions. Below we provide examples of the most frequently rebuilded spare parts: motors, electronic elements, valves, pistons, resistors, gears, screws, bearings, pipes, blade supports, connecting rods, secondary supports, gaskets etc …


ricambi per macchinari calzaturificio

Photos of gaskets


Have you ever needed to replace spare parts on machinery in the footwear sector that went out of production or cannot be found?

Tell us about in the comments or write to: [email protected] for more information.

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